Most Common 10 Reasons to Use Condoms

Sexual intercourse can lead to health problems, sometimes benign and temporary, but sometimes more serious and permanent. One of the best ways of preventing such problems is to use a condom. There are 10 reasons to use condoms-

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10 reasons to use condoms
1. They can help prevent pregnancy
2. They help to prevent STIs
3. They can act as an extra layer of contraception
4. Their risk for side effects is low
5. Easier to access than other forms of contraception 
6. Cheaper than other forms of contraception
7. Help penetrative sex last longer and Boost sexual pleasure
8. Reduce the risk of other infections
9. Make cleanup easier
10. Allow you to have anal and vaginal sex in the same go! 
10 rules below to ensure the safe use of condoms:
Bottom Line

10 reasons to use condoms

1. They can help prevent pregnancy

Both internal and external condoms can help in reducing the risk of pregnancy.

External condoms

“External condoms are 98 – 99 % effective when used perfectly,” Gaither says.

The key phrase here: When used perfectly.

But humans aren’t so perfect. So external condoms are mostly about 85 percent effective IRL.

So, what does perfect use look like, exactly?

  • Don’t double bag.
  • Check the expiration date.
  • Put it on before any genital contact occurs.
  • Leave 1 to 2 centimeters of space for the ejaculate to go.
  • Use with lube.
  • Avoid oil-based lubes, arousal oils, or massage oils that degrade latex.
  • Pull out if the wearer starts to lose their erection.
  • Use a new condom every single time.

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Internal condoms

Internal condoms for women can be up to 95 percent effective.

But due to human imperfection, they’re only about 79 percent effective IRL.

Here’s how to use an internal condom correctly:

  1. Check the expiration date.
  2. Leave the ring inside the condom in.
  3. Place it inside the vagina before any skin-to-skin contact occurs.
  4. Only use one internal condom. Don’t use an internal condom and an external condom.
  5. Make sure it’s not twisted.
  6. Hold it in place while the penis or dildo enters the vagina.
  7. If there’s semen inside the condom, twist the outer ring before removal.
  8. Use a new condom each time.

2. They help to prevent STIs (10 reasons to use condoms)

Internal and external condoms are the only way to prevent STI transmission during penetrative sex.

3. They can act as an extra layer of contraception

Did you know:

  • Diaphragms are only up to 96 percent effective.
  • Cervical caps are only 77 to 83 percent effective.
  • Sponges are only about 76 percent effective.
  • The ring is only 91 percentTrusted Source effective.

And while the IUD, pillTrusted Source, patch, implant, and shot can all be up to 99 percent effective when used correctly, human error can make them less effective.

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4. Their risk for side effects is low

According to the Allergy and Asthma Foundation of America, about 1 percent of the population is allergic to latex.

Luckily for those people, there are nonlatex external condoms made out of materials such as polyisoprene, polyurethane, or polyethylene. And all three materials protect against pregnancy, STIs, and other benefits.

The best nonlatex external condoms, which you can purchase online, include:

(remember: Internal condoms are made of polyurethane.)

There are also animal skin external condoms, like Trojan NaturaLamb luxury condoms.

5. Easier to access than other forms of contraception  

Instead of walk into any drugstore, doctor’s office, grocery store, or corner mart, and you’ll be able to pick up a pack of rubbers.

6. Cheaper than other forms of contraception

You can buy them at any medical store at a cheap price.

You can get external condoms completely free at your local health department, walk-in medical center, also at Planned Parenthood. Usually, this is true for internal condoms as well.

7. Help to penetrative sex last longer and Boost sexual pleasure

Longer sex can be better sex. Condoms help sex last longer.

(Quickies can be hot! Oral, anal, manual, and solo sex all count as sex, too!)

Condoms allow people with penises to go longer without orgasming, which can bring them and their partners boosted pleasure and enjoy.

A condom can be the difference between thinking about the risks of sex the entire time and let go to really enjoy the moment. With a condom, you can really focus on the pleasure of sex.

8. Reduce risk of other infections (10 reasons to use condoms)

ResearchTrusted Source has shown wrapping the willy during P-in-V sex may reduce the risk of infection.

Condoms intercept the pH-disrupting semen and allow the vagina’s pH to keep living and thriving.

9. Make cleanup easier ( 10 reasons to use condoms )

Even couples who are fluid-bonded, or open to getting pregnant, may use condoms when they’re short on time.

Condoms lead to easy post-quick cleanup.

10. Allow you to have anal and vaginal sex in the same go! 

However, you should never ever go back to the front without peeling off the condom you used and getting a new one because the bacteria in the anal canal can wreak havoc on the urinary tract and vaginal pH.

Swapping for a new condom allows you to mix it up without fear of infection or without needing to wash up before you switch.

10 rules below to ensure the safe use of condoms:

  1. Store your condoms in a place sheltered from the heat, cold, light, and humidity.
  2. Check the expiry date of the condom before use. Don’t use if the date is past.
  3. Don’t use your teeth or nail to tear the package.
  4. Before using the condom, check its appearance. If it is fragile, sticky or damaged, don’t use it, use another one.
  5. Avoid contact between the penis and your partner’s mouth, genitals or anus before putting on the condom.
  6. Pinch the end of the condom when you put it on to leave space for the sperm.
  7. If you unroll the condom in the wrong direction, throw it out and use another one.
  8. Avoid oil or petroleum-based lubricants such as Vaseline.
  9. Use a condom for each act of intercourse (oral, vaginal or anal) during the same encounter.
  10. Hold the condom firmly at the base of the penis when you remove condom.

Bottom Line

While these 10 reasons to use condoms should be enough to convince you to get down with condoms, there are plenty of additional perks to protection products.

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