Can you die from stress and depression?

Life is not equal for everyone, Everyone has good and bad days in life. But some people have more bad days than good. Can you die from stress and depression? Stress and depression are extremely serious mental health conditions that can become deadly if they are not treated. Can you die from stress and depression? … Read more

What is the difference between positive and negative body image?


You deserve to be fit and healthy no matter what your weight, size, or shape but you have to care about yourself to achieve fitness and health. What is the difference between positive and negative body image? Body image is a combination of: how you see yourself when you look in a mirror or catch … Read more

All About Marie Antoinette Syndrome (Canities Subita)

What is this Marie Antoinette Syndrome? Marie Antoinette syndrome is a situation where someone’s hair suddenly turns white (canities). The name of this situation comes from folklore about the French queen Marie Antoinette, whose hair supposedly turned white before her execution in 1793. Graying of the hair is natural with our age. As you grow … Read more

Signs and Symptoms of Dehydration

The signs and symptoms of dehydration can be mild or in extreme cases, dehydration can lead to coma and organ failure. Chronic dehydration has been linked to increased cancer risk, reduced salivary gland function, kidney stones, and even fatal heart attacks. Dehydration occurs when we don’t consume enough water, or when a large amount of … Read more

Benefits of Drinking Water Daily

Because your body depends on water for some of its essential processes, there are many benefits of drinking water daily. It is crucial for you to drink water to maintain health. Water is the primary component of blood and muscles and makes up 22% of body fat and 22% of bones. Besides drinking it, water can … Read more

We All Have Some Unhealthy Eating Habits

Do you have some unhealthy eating habits? In order to measure your success you have to know what bad eating habits you have when you start your eating plan. To set goals you have to know the areas that need change. To figure this out I recommend two steps: first, examine your current unhealthy eating … Read more

Believe In Yourself

Sensible Weight Loss Step 1-Believe In Yourself Do you believe in yourself? I mean deep in your heart believe in yourself. Do you believe in your own ability to be successful at whatever you set out to do? When you believe that “you can” you are more likely to take steps to get what you … Read more