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India’s first female IFBB Pro Deepika Chowdhury is a molecular biologist, powerlifter, and renowned figure athlete. She inspires with her exceptional grit, intellect, strength, and zeal to compete with herself. 

Deepika Chowdhury is the best friend of Celebrity Fitness Expert Kiran Dembla Biography.

Before and After Bodybuilding

Deepika Chowdhury wakes up at 5.30 in the morning and gets down to preparing breakfast for her in-laws and husband Tanujeet, with whom she lives in Pune.

The rest of her morning goes in packing her husband’s tiffin, haggling with the maid, and then surreptitiously packing her own lunch before she heads off for her job as a molecular biologist at the National Institute of Virology in Pune.

On her way to work, the 29-year-old polishes off a container of oats and a portion of boiled spinach. At lunch, while most of her colleagues pick at their chapatis and vegetables.

Chowdhury tears into a hunk of boiled chicken. During the day, as she compiles reports on changes in strains of measles and Rubella viruses, Deepika runs through another mini-meal of cucumbers, paprikas, and boiled cabbage.

The mystery of this voracious eater is solved only at six in the evening. At the neighborhood gym, amid grunting men and chattering women, Chowdhury reveals herself at the free-weight section.

Men gasp, and women stare at her perfectly defined 12-inch biceps. Her deltoid caps bulge with definition and she loads up a bar with a cool 150 kg and proceeds to fire out 10 perfect squats. That’s just for warm-up.

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Deepika Chowdhury Home town, Nickname,

Name Deepika Chowdhury
Date of Birth___
HometownPune, Maharashtra
OCCUPATIONTechnical Assistant at National Institute of Virology, India
Post-graduation Molecular Biologist
Fitness and exercise physiology course K11 Fitness Academy in Pune

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Deepika Chowdhury Height, Weight, Body Measurements

Height 5’4 feet
Competition weight 53 Kg
Off-Season weight 56 Kg
Body fat mass in Competition 9%
Body fat mass in Off-season 23%

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Deepika Chowdhury’s Husband, Family

Deepika Chowdhury’s husband’s name is Tanujeet, with whom she lives in Pune.

She says I was an extremely skinny fat female with lots of anger management issues.

Chowdhury, a Maharashtrian, married Tanujeet, a Bengali. Her husband’s family was not pleased with their son’s choice of bride and they made their displeasure evident to their daughter-in-law.

My married life was completely disturbed due to unstable relations with my in-laws as we stay together in a joint family.

It was affecting my job as a technical assistant in a government research institute.

She added, My in-laws, don’t know about my achievements at all. In spite of living with them, it will be extremely hard to explain things to them and make them understand.

That’s when her husband, Tanujeet, whom she knows for more than 15 years now, came to her aid. “I suggested that she should come to the gym with me. It would take her mind off things,” he says.

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“I had a difficult childhood,” she informs, “My dad was an alcoholic and he left us. I have a younger brother and my mother raised us. She is my hero.

We were not financially strong but the values she taught us made a difference.” She was very keen to be able to be earning and helping her family, seeing the issues they faced.

She did her post-graduation as a Molecular Biologist and immediately went to work at the National Institute of Virology where she works as a technical assistant.

She’s glad she got to do something in biology as she likes the subject, but this was always just a job for her. Chowdhury hadn’t found her passion… as of then.

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Deepika Chowdhury Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

Instagram @deepikapune_ifbbpro
FacebookIFBB Pro Deepika Chowdhury
Twitter @DeepikaC_10

Deepika Chowdhury Gym

2011 saw Chowdhury heading to the gym for the first time, and the rest, as they say, is history. While she has always been slim and active in athletics through her schooling, she had put on unhealthy weight leading to this decision.

She did not really understand the workings so undertook a certification course at K11 Fitness Academy.

Here she learned the ‘what’s and why’s of working out, as also about sports nutrition, “where my biology education came into play and it was easy for me to understand.”

“In that gym, it just clicked,” Chowdhury explains. She found what she is really passionate about, and it became something that she setting new goals and achieving them.

From getting to see her own abs to becoming a figure athlete, and then winning the tournaments, she has worked hard to get to each of the goals and surpass them.

Bombshell Fitness’ Shannon Dey was the one who introduced her to bodybuilding. An event in Delhi saw Chowdhury listening to Dey and seeing actual women bodybuilders.

She was amazed and very inspired. It led to her writing to Dey and getting eight-month training at Bombshell Fitness’ US academy under Gennifer Conn Strobo, the world’s fourth-best figure athlete.

Dey and Strobo have inspired and motivated her through the whole process, as also has her trainer here, Ardesh Rustomjee, who has helped through many rough patches.

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Deepika Chowdhury Diet Plan

Diet is everything and one has to be disciplined about diet. Her coach keeps changing her diet depending on the fitness calendar.

During the off-season (April to August) she weighs about 55 Kg. Her diet plan allows me to put on weight with quality muscle gains. She consumes six small meals a day.

Once a week, She indulges herself in a “cheat” meal. During on-season when most of the competitions take place, She cut down body fat to achieve a lean figure to obtain the depth and details of muscle definition.

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Deepika Chowdhury Workout Videos


She takes a Deep Tissue massage every week which is especially helpful for chronic aches and pains. She uses foam rollers every day to ensure the release of tightness in the muscles.

Also doing stretches before and after her daily workout is essential. Once a week she takes an Epsom Salt bath in which you dissolve the salts in water and then soak your body in it for a good five to 10 minutes.

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Indian Bodybuilder Nitin Chandila


India’s 1st & internationally successful female IFBB Pro Figure athlete
2017 World Powerlifting Champion (WPU).
Figure athlete, Powerlifter
Technical Officer at National Institute of Virology
Bombshell Fitness athlete
Fitness Trainer

On March 29, Chowdhury became the first Indian to win an International Federation of BodyBuilding and Fitness (IFBB) title.

She has been crowned the champion in the Figure Novice category at the Battle on the Beach, one of America’s premier fitness competitions for women held at Daytona Beach, Florida.

This was Chowdhury’s first competitive appearance, and she was pitted against 15 professional fitness athletes from the US and Puerto Rico.

She was strong and her body adapted to the gym naturally. A few months later, I suggested that we should go to the Sheru Classic in Delhi, and Deepika jumped at that chance,” he says.

The Sheru Classic, one of the top three bodybuilding events in the world, was held in Delhi in 2011. There, Chowdhury met Shannon Dey, the American CEO of Bombshell Fitness and a former fitness athlete herself.

India’s first female bodybuilder in the figure section, and has won 5 times at International Federation of Body Building (IFBB) and National Physique Committee (NPC) held event called ‘Battle on the Beach.

From starting to gym in 2011 to competing in and winning the 2014 Battle of the Beach in both the novice and open class and the Ft. Lauderdale Cup the same year, she had a quick turnover from someone who didn’t really understand what happens in a gym to representing the country in a bodybuilding competition.

After winning at Battle of the Beach, she was certified by IFBB as Pro athlete, the first from India.

Since then she has participated in Arnold Classic twice, coming 12th and later 7th in the ranking. Arnold Classic is a multi-sport event named after Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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Deepika Chowdhury, India’s 1st & internationally successful female IFBB Pro Figure athlete and 2017 World Powerlifting Champion (WPU).

Rishabh Bhatia, The 2 times 2019 Junior World Powerlifting Champion.

SCIENCELETHICS is a training platform where you can get training with Deepika Chowdhury and Rishabh Bhatia.

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