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Sonali Swami was 37 when she trained for weights and realized that age is never a barrier for those who strive to achieve the impossible.

The Bengaluru-based trainer won the ‘Fit Factor competition in 2014 and followed it up with a bronze at the WBBF Asian Championship in 2016.

Sonali said,

When I started uploading my pictures (in sportswear and bikini) on social media and started talking about it, there was a section of people who objected to it because of the attire that I had worn. But, I believe I have been fortunate.

It has been 5-6 years, and things have changed. People have started accepting me as I am. There are people who think, ‘Muscles are not for any woman’! A few said, ‘You have turned into a man, you should stay away from it’.

There are definitely people who like to pass sexist comments at female bodybuilders because we are judged by the attire we wear. If you are really working hard on something, you want to show that. At times when you are competing in a bikini, it’s not that you wear a bikini 24×7. You’ve worked hard and you’re in great shape, your pictures are mostly in shorts or sportswear.

You should be proud that you’re working super hard and it should be showing. People say, ‘Kuch Toh Pehen Lo, Kapde Bhul Gaye Kya?’…there are judgemental people around.

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As to why would a 44-year-old mother show her body to others. I get those comments. I try not to respond because I look at the other 98% of people who admire my efforts. The only thing that I can do is talk about the sport, hoping that someday they would realize…that what is most important, is it my clothes or my work?

I have a 13-year-old son and a 16-year-old daughter. It is never too late, If you want to do something, just go ahead and do it. Being fit and healthy is for everyone, whether you are an 8-year-old, or a 30-year-old, or an 80-year-old, you can.

When I started training in 2013, I became aware of a physique competition for female bodybuilders happening in India for the very first time. I thought, why not give it a try! My major worry was being a married woman, then being a mom in my late 30s.

Bodybuilding is a sport which not many people accept and they definitely don’t accept the fact that women should be training or lifting weights or competing. When I realized that it is not just the looks. If you do your best and your body responds, it means your hard work has really paid off. That’s when I knew it was all in my own hand and that I could do it.

I realized that I can mold my body into whichever shape I want to, it’s not a miracle. You feed your body well, you train hard, then your body gives you the results. That’s where my journey started, in 2014, after I won that competition.

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Sonali Swami Before and After

Sonali is easily one of the most inspiring female bodybuilders in India, At 41, she’s a mother of two, a successful instructor, and weighs only 60 kg.

Her hard work tells you why she deserves to be your fitness inspiration this year.

‘For several years, I was not sure what I wanted in life. However, I knew it would be a waste to never discover myself!’ Sonali wrote about her journey on Instagram.
‘For me, there was a lot of confusion, many questions. It wasn’t a comfortable process. But, When I started asking the questions, I found MY answers,’ she said.

How old is Sonali Swami?

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Sonali Swami Age, Height, Birthday Date

Name Sonali Swami
Date of Birth14 July
Age46 years
Height5′ 1 feet
Weight54 kg
EducationHotel Mgmt graduate
OccupationInstructor fr Zumba, Bokwa, TRX Suspension, Bollywood aerobics
Marital statusMarried
Husband NameSanjay
Husband’s Professionsoftware professional
Marriage Aniversary___
ChildrenTwo children (Sanchali and Shaurya)
HobbiesTraveling, Reading
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LinkedInClick here
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6th position in Asian BodyBuilding Championships – 2017
Winner of BRONZE MEDAL in Asians Championship in 2016
Winner of Fit Factor at BodyPower India 2014
Winner of MuscleMania India 2014 Model and Fitness Category
International TV Reality Show Participant Spartan X
Best Dancer Mantriotsav Bangalore
Co-founder of Fit blink 

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Sonali Swami Family, Husband, Son, Daughter

Sonali’s husband’s name is Sanjay, he is 50 years old. She has two children Sanchali(18) and Shaurya(15).

Sonali Swami Diet Plan

One of the key tricks to a healthy body and glowing skin is to have a balanced and healthy diet. Sonali Swami offered a list of Don’ts.
‘Avoid too much alcohol as it can lead to red, dehydrated skin. Avoid gluten, it can lead to swollen, blemished skin. Also affects the pigmentation of the skin( I experience it all the time I go overboard). Avoid too much sugar as it can thin the skin and can leave it discolored. (it also causes the springy, elastic collagen fibers in our skin to become rigid and inflexible, and saggy. Too much sugar increases the levels of insulin, making the face appear washed-out’.

Sonali Swami Workout

5 days Fat-Free Dum Challenge

go watch and try it.


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