Maharashtra Police Kishor Dange Bodybuilder Biography

Kishor Dange bodybuilder Jalna

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One of the fittest police officers in India Kishor Dange Bodybuilder, who made a great body and win many competitions in India as well as in other countries, has a passion for bodybuilding.

Kishore Dange spent almost 10 years creating such a great and strong physique. And this is the result of his hard work and respect for his passion.

Kishor Dange age, Height in Feet, Date of Biarth:-

NameKishor Dange
Date of Birth14 June
Height in Feet~5.7 feet
Home TownJalna
CollageDr.Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University,Aurangabad (Dr. BAMU)

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Kishore Dange Jalna Background:-

Kishore Dange Born in a poor family of Jalna. Kishore got a police job through his hard work. Despite the lack of resources, he did not give up

Along with studies, he also focused on bodybuilding to achieve this great position. He missed his practice several times due to financial conditions

But as soon as he got a job in the Maharashtra police, he focused on bodybuilding, due to which he could reach this point.

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Maharashtra Police Bodybuilder:-

Born in a poor family of Jalna. Kishore got a police job through his hard work. He is posted as a constable in the police force of the Jalna district of Maharashtra. 

Along with the job in the police, Kishore Dange also does bodybuilding. After completing his duty he spent hours in the gym for his passion.

10 years of hard work:-

Behind this splendid body of Kishore is his 10 years of hard work and many hours of penance done in the gym.  Kishor says that his senior Police officers also give him full support. 

Whenever he has to go out for any competition, he gets a break easily. The previous Prithviraj Chavan government had also borne the entire cost of taking Kishor out and participating in the competition.

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Kishor Dange height weight, Bicep Size:-
Height 174 cms
Weight102 kgs
Biceps Size21 inches

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Kishor Dange wife:-

Kishore Dange’s wife’s name is Manu Kishore Dange. And his cute son name is Ranveer Dange. Kishore Dange wife Manu Kishore Dange Instagram Account is @manukishor691.

Kishor Dange Instagram, Facebook, Youtube:-


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Kishore Dange Achievements:-

Kishore Dange has brought many laurels to Maharashtra Police at both National and International levels.

He has bagged a gold medal in the World Police and Fire Games that was organized in Belfast, Northern Ireland in 2013.

In 2017 he won a silver medal at World Police and Fire Games in Los Angeles, USA.

He has also won Mr. Maharashtra and Mr. Marathwada title numerous times. Also, he has bagged the gold medal in the 95 kg category at Ujjain Nationals.

🌟 Maharashtra Police
🌟 District Sports Award winner
🌟 Gold in world police & fire Game UK
🌟 Silver in IFBB world Diamond Cup
🌟 8 time Mr. Marathwada

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Want to open fitness center:-

Kishor Dange wants to open a fitness training center for Maharashtra Police personnel and officers. He believes that a policeman should always be fit. He has also sent the proposal of this fitness center to the Government of Maharashtra.

Kishor Dange Jalna images/Photos:-

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Jalna Bodybuilder Kishor Dange Video:-

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