Murali Kumar Bodybuilder Biography

Murali Kumar Indian Bodybuilder

Murali Kumar Bodybuilder, a top of the Indian rankings well-respected professional bodybuilder from Kerala, India.

He’s known for his dedication to the bodybuilding lifestyle.

While Murali’s large and proportioned physique is a testament to his hard work in the gym, he’s had to juggle weightlifting with his two-day jobs.

He has worked as both a software engineer and a naval seaman. Injuring his leg in the navy, where he has begun a strength training program to avoid further injury.

Murali Kumar Indian Bodybuilder DOB, Village, Caste:-

NameMurali Kumar
Date of BirthFebruary 10, 1985
Home TownKottayam in Kerala
SchoolCMS High School, Kottayam
Qualification / DegreeSoftware Engineer 

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Murali Kumar Wife, Family:-

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Murali Kumar Bodybuilder Body Measurement:-

Murali kumar biceps size, body size, Age, Height, Weight, Abs, Gym, Biceps and Chest Size-

It was this strength training that sparked Murali’s passion for the gym and bodybuilding.

He began to build his physique, and was inspired by his best friends to push himself towards professional competitions.

He did so, and managed to win many amateur shows, before winning Mr. India in 2013.

Murali Kumar Indian Bodybuilder has since won several more professional competitions, claiming his spot as one of the best bodybuilders in India.

He’s always looking to help other new Indian bodybuilders reach their goals – just like he reach his goal.

Age36 years (as of 2021)
HeightNo data (~ 6 feet)
Weight215 – 225lbs (93.0 – 102.1kg)
Bicep sizeNo data
Chest sizeNo data
Body fatNo data
Inspired byDorian Yates
GymNo data

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Murali Kumar Navy Profession/Occupation, Net Worth:-

Murali Kumar had a very lively upbringing, playing a number of sports including cricket and soccer, but his main passions were electronics and fixing computers.

Murali decided to study software engineering. He enjoyed this course a lot and became a software engineer in his local town.

But in his words, he wanted to do something more active and big in his life.

This need inspired Murali to join the Indian Navy. He greatly enjoyed this new career path, but he, unfortunately, broke his leg during his training, which forced him out of service.

The doctor’s order to attend the gym became Murali’s new passion.


He is a software engineer, But he is not active in this profession.
He is a Professional Bodybuilder.
online training.

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Murali Kumar Unknown and Interesting Facts:-

He has worked as both a software engineer and a naval seaman.
Murali decided to study software engineering because he loves electronics and fixing computers.
Murali was inspired in his early days by the likes of Dorian Yates.
Murali believes that his high protein and high-calorie diet is the key to his great success.

Murali Kumar’s Favorite and Beloved Things:-

Favorite BikeRoyal Enfield
Favorite Gamescricket and soccer
Leaning Passionelectronics and fixing computers
DevoteeLord Shiva

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Murali Kumar Diet Plan, Diet Chart:-

Indian-Navy-Murali Kumar’

High Protein Diet-

Murali Kumar Bodybuilder believes that his high protein and high-calorie diet is the key to his success.

In his daily meal plan, he includes 50 Egg whites and a lot of green Indian vegetables such as Malabar spinach, etc. 

He tries to eat every two hours, to ensure that he has a constant stream of protein and calories entering his body.


In terms of supplements, Murali Kumar doesn’t use as many as most western pros.

Murali Kumar uses whey protein on its own, incorporating it on days when he hasn’t eaten enough, as well as after most workouts.

In his diet plan, he includes at least

50 Egg whites
lots of green leafy vegetables
Murali Kumar takes a meal after every two and half hours
He also takes protein supplement shakes after his workout

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Suggested Protein Supplements-


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Murali Kumar Mr. India, Mr. Asia, Achievements:-


It took murali 10 years to continuous effort to get to the point where he won the Mr. India title which he won on 25th March 2013 by defeating Sangram Chougule.

  • 2013 Mr. India – 1st Place
  • 2013 Mr. Asia – 1st Place
  • 2013 Mr. World -3rd Place
  • 2014 Mr. India – 1st Place
👑Mr. Asia gold medal 👑
💎Mr. India overall title 3time💎
👑Mr. India 9time👑
👑Mr. Servicese 9time👑

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Murali Kumar Bodybuilder Images:-


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