Skipping Rope: Health & Fitness Benefits, and Exercises [Review]

Skipping Rope is a great exercise for the overall body. Daily skipping rope exercise can help you to reduce your weight and improve your physical health.

The best thing about jump rope is you can carry it anywhere and exercise. Skipping rope is best for your home gym. This is helpful for every age.

There are various types of health and fitness benefits of skipping rope Cardiovascular fitness, Leg strength, Stamina, Coordination, Bone strength, Balance, Agility, Full body workout, Flexibility, Endurance, etc.

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Basic Requirements

Adjust your jump rope holding the handles, Shorten the rope so the handles reach your armpits, and wear fitness shoes.

how to do skipping rope

  • Hold both jump rope handles in one hand and swing the rope to develop a feel for the rhythm.
  • Next, practice jumping without using the rope.
  • Finally, put the two steps together, And you’ll probably do well to jump continuously for one minute or choose time according to your comfort.

10 Benefits of Skipping Rope

1. Calorie Cooker:-

Jump rope exercise is also a fat burner exercise. According to science 10 minutes of jump rope, exercise is equal to an 8-minute mile.

2. Build Agility & Quickness:-

Daily few minutes rope exercise can build quickness/coordination by making your mind focus. Because when you do skipping, you need to focus on your feet for a minute of the exercise period.

3. Increase Bone Density:-

The most impact of jump rope is on our legs, but less than running. It is also helpful for increasing the bone density of our overall body, mostly our legs.

4. It’s Good for Your Brain:-

We know that skipping is good for our brain. During rope exercise, we need to focus on our legs, jumping, and hand movements for proper skipping, which will increase our focus and memory.

5. Cardiovascular fitness:-

It is also helpful for improving our cardiovascular fitness, which is also important for our physical fitness.

6. Leg strength:-

Jump rope exercise is most effective for our legs. Because we need to jump regularly for a short time, that will increase pressure in our legs and increase leg strength.

7. Stamina:-

Regular rope exercise can improve our strength and stamina.

8. Coordination & Balance:-

In jump rope exercise we need to follow coordination of hand movement, rope, and leg jumping that will create a rhythm. This will also help to improve your balance.

9. Flexibility & Endurance:-

Jump rope exercise helps you to improve your flexibility and endurance. That will also reduce soreness in your body.

10. Full body workout:-

Jump rope exercise is also a full-body workout. Daily 30 minutes of skipping can make you fit and healthy. Because skipping targets all your body muscles mostly your legs.

Preventing Injury

To prevent Injury you need to do it properly. Your legs land properly after the jump because beginners usually jump higher than necessary. And you don’t have any injury otherwise it will more harmful. If you have any injury then you need to take off.

As with all exercise, warming up, stretching and cooling down are important also important for batter results.

Skipping Rope Advantages for Heart:-

Jump rope is good for our body as well as our heart. It will help to prevent health disease and stroke.

But you should know the right technic to do it and do it regularly. Athletes and boxers also do this.

Skipping Rope Disadvantages:-

During rope skipping, your knees, tarsals, and metatarsals face a lot of stress. If you have an injury to the knee/foot, then you should avoid rope skipping, this can increase problems and pain.

There are some rope jump disadvantages for women. Women need to stay away from jump rope during the menstrual cycle and the months of pregnancy.

Skipping Rope for Weight Loss

Skipping may be used as a cardiovascular workout, similar to running or bicycle riding, and has a high MET or intensity level.

skipping rope calorie burn:-

This exercise can achieve a “burn rate” of up to 700 to over 1200 calories per hour of vigorous activity, with about 0.1 to nearly 1.1 calories consumed per jump, mainly depending upon the speed and intensity of jumps and leg folding.

Ten minutes of skipping are roughly equal to running an eight-minute mile. Many professional trainers, fitness experts, and professional fighters greatly recommend skipping for burning fat over any other alternative exercises like running and bicycling.

Weighted jump ropes are available for such athletes and boxers to increase the difficulty and effectiveness. Individuals or groups can participate in the exercise, and learning proper techniques is relatively simple compared to many other athletic activities.

Skipping Rope Exercise

There are many techniques you can use with jump rope workouts.

skipping rope workout:-

1. Solo participants:-

For solo jumping, the participant jumps and swings the rope under their feet, this allows them to jump the rope and establish a rhythm more successfully.

2. Basic jump or easy jump:-

Jump with both feet slightly apart over the skipping rope. Beginners usually master this technique first before moving onto more advanced techniques so that they can perform advanced techniques easily.

3. Alternate foot jump (speed step):-

For Alternate foot jump, Use alternate feet to jump off the ground. This technique used to effectively double the number of jumps per minute as compared to the above technique, and this technique also increases the difficulty level.

4. Criss-cross:-

This technique is also known as crossover or cross arms. Perform the basic jump or easy jump whilst crossing arms in front of the body.

5. Side Swing:-

In Side Swing, the rope is passed by the side of the participant’s body without jumping it.

6. EB (front-back cross or sailor):-

In EB (front-back cross or sailor), Perform the criss-cross technique while crossing one arm behind the back.

7. Double under:-

In Double under, Start with a high basic jump, turning the rope twice under the feet. Turning the rope three times under the feet is called a triple under.

8. Boxer jump rope:-

In Boxer jump rope, One foot is positioned slightly forward and one foot slightly back, and the person positions their bodyweight primarily over their front foot, with the back foot acting as a stabilizer.

From this stance, the person jumps up several times (often 2-3 times) before switching their stance, and then switch the legs.

9. Toad:-

In Toad, Perform the criss-cross with one arm crossing under the opposite leg from the inside.

10. Leg over / Crougar:-

In Leg over, Perform a basic jump with one arm hooked under the adjacent leg.

11. Awesome Annie:-

Awesome Annie also known as Awesome Anna or swish. Awesome Annie is alternate between a leg over and a toad without a jump in between.

12. Inverse toad:-

In Inverse toad, Perform the toad whilst one arm crosses the adjacent leg from the outside.

13. Elephant:-

In Elephant, Perform a cross between the inverse toad and the toad, with both arms crossing under one leg.

14. Frog or Donkey kick:-

In Frog or Donkey kick, Perform a handstand returns to their feet, and turns the rope under them. For a more advanced version turns the rope during the return to the ground.

15. TJ:-

In TJ, Perform a triple-under where the first ‘jump’ is a side swing, the middle jump is a toad, and the final jump in the open.

How to Choose a Skipping Rope

There are various types of jump ropes to choose from, each with specific benefits. When choosing a skipping rope, think about your experience level or the exercises you plan on doing. Are you looking for the best jump rope for beginners or advance?

To check if your jump rope is the correct length, step on the middle of the rope then, pull the rope up toward your shoulders. Pull the cables, not the handles, should hit right around your armpits.

skipping rope price in India

skipping rope price:-


     Price ₹6,855.00/-


     Price ₹7,129.00/-


     Price ₹3,921.99/-


     Price   ₹299.00/-


     Price   ₹726.00/-


     Price   ₹489.00/-


     Price   ₹119.00/-


     Price   ₹299.00/-


     Price   ₹173.00/-


     Price   ₹173.00/-


     Price   ₹349.00/-


     Price   ₹268.00/-

          CF Sports

     Price   ₹89.00/-


     Price   ₹73.00/-


     Price   ₹90.00/-


     Price   ₹97.00/-


     Price   ₹49.00/-


     Price   ₹48.00/-

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Best Skipping Rope in India on Amazon

Skipping Rope Amazon:-

1. GoxRunx Jump Rope:-

GoxRunx Jump Rope Tangle-Free with Ball Bearing Rapid Speed Jump Ropes Cable, Skipping Rope Jumping Rope with Memory Foam Handles for Workout Exercise Fitness for Women Men Kids-2 Pack

  • ✅Fast and Smooth: The jump ropes have an anti-dust ballbearing system to promise more durability and stability.
  • ✅You could easily swing the skip ropes by 360°rotation, and good for improve speed and avoid to twist or wind.
  • ✅Perfect for Exercise: Our workout speed ropes suit all heights and skills.
  • ✅Adjustable Length & Comfy Handles Fit for all women, men, and kids, easy to adjust according to your heights.
👍light grippy handles 👎handles are too lightweight
swivels properly
👍easy to adjust the length of the ropes for your height
👍Well made and good price for 2 ropes
👍perfect for kids as well
👍for Women Men Kids-2 Pack

2. Decdeal Skipping Rope:-

Decdeal 8-Piece Spinning Waist Hoop Skipping Rope Set for Waist Slimming Exercise Weight Loss

  • ✅8 removable parts that can be assembled as you like,can be built into a 6-piece fitness ring,7-piece muscle fitness ring or 8-piece fitness ring.
  • ✅Premium PVC inner support tube,durable and lightweight.Soft.
  • ✅Suitable for men,women and children.
  • ✅Come with adjustable skipping rope.
👍light grippy handles 
👍swivels properly
👍easy to adjust the length of the ropes for your height
👍for Women Men Kids

3. Rdx Skipping Rope Leather:-

Rdx Skipping Rope Leather Two Color (SRX-L1)

  • ✅Suitable for men, women, and children.
  • ✅Perfect for Exercise: Our workout speed ropes suit all heights and skills.
👍grippy handles 
👍easy to adjust the length of the ropes for your height
👍for Women Men Kids

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Skipping Rope with Counter:-

1. Digital Skipping Rope / Skipping Rope Smart:-

GOCART WITH G LOGO Jump Ropes Sports Fitness Exercise Cotton Sponge Count Rope Skipping Wire Fitness Outdoor Sporting Skip Rope

  • the jumping rope is suitable for adult girls, boys, and kids.
  • the jump rope with counter,and It is easy to change rope length.
  • benefit for our heart and health,especially for students and adults
  • rope doesn’t hurt your palm
👍grippy handles 👎Counting 70% reliable
👍easy to adjust the length of the ropes for your height
👍for Women Men and Kids
👍rope is sturdy

Best Skipping Rope:-

1. Burnlab Active Metallic Handle Speed Skipping Rope:-

Burnlab Active Metallic Handle Speed Skipping Rope with Adjustable Length Rope and Anti-Slip Handles, Perfect for Crossfit, Double Unders and HIIT Cardio

  • OPTIMIZED FOR SPEED: Our 360-degree swivel system is built using ball bearings and optimized for building and maintaining speed.
  • TANGLE FREE ROPE: made with plastic coated steel wires that are tangle-free and thin for low air resistance.
👍lightweight👎the rope is too thin and light
👍Metallic Handle Skipping Rope
👍easy to adjust the length of the ropes for your height
👍the rope is too strong
👍sleek rope, and the awesome color

2. Boldfit Skipping Rope:-

Boldfit Skipping Rope for Men, Women & Children – Jump Rope for Exercise Workout & Weight Loss – Tangle Free Jumping Rope for Kids

  • SPORTS EXERCISE ROPE: fitness jump rope is perfect for maximum fat burn, cardio endurance, and boosts stamina.
  • ADJUSTABLE LENGTH: Suitable for all women, men, and kids
👍very convenient to skip
👍The rope is a steel strand with a PVC layer
👍The handle is big and comfortable to hold(really nice grip)
👍the rope is too strong
👍 Very comfortable and lightweight

3. Aurion Skipping-Rope:-

Aurion Skipping-Rope Jump Skipping Rope for Men, Women, Weight Loss, Kids, Girls, Children, Adult – Best in Fitness, Sports, Exercise, Workout

  • Light-weighted handles
  • Comfortable grip
  • Universal Sport: The jump ropes are appropriate for men and women, for adults and kids
  • for almost any workout, including boxing, Crossfit, and low-impact exercise programs.
👍rope is lightweight👎The cord is a moderate type
👍comfortable grip
👍excellent value for money
👍the rope is too strong

4. AmazonBasics Standard Jump Rope:-

AmazonBasics Standard Jump Rope, Grey

  • Standard rope for quickly integrating high-intensity cardio training
  • Increases the heart rate, burns calories, enhances coordination
  • Length can be easily adjusted
  • Lightweight plastic (PP) cord; ball-bearing handles made of PVC and comfortable NBR foam
👍very soft handles
👍Ball-bearing works well
👍Appropriately priced
👍easily adjustable length.
👍Slightly heavy rope which makes it perfect for beginners To advanced level

5. Strauss Skipping Rope:-

Skipping Rope for kids:-

  • The jump rope promotes the skill and endurance of the children in a playful way.
  • Good group skipping rope, suitable for many people jump
  • Easy to use and comfortable to carry
  • Very light weight.
👍Lightweight and enough length for an adult👎does not rotate better
👍Great rope for beginners or pro👎Handle length not adequate
👍Appropriately priced
👍easily adjustable length.
👍The handle is good to hold in hand

6. AmazonBasics Adjustable Jump Rope:-

  • jump rope for fitness and speed training
  • adjusted to any length
  • Molded, plastic handles
  • Sealed ball bearings for even rope rotation
👍The handles are really good👎The quality of the ropes are just normal
👍good grip
👍Appropriately priced
👍firm and the ball bearing mechanism
👍The rope height is ideal, useful for any height since it’s adjustable

7. GOCART WITH G LOGO Skipping Rope:-

GOCART WITH G LOGO Skipping Rope for Men Gym, Women, Weight Loss, Kids, Girls, Children, Adult Best in Sports, Fitness, Exercise, Workout

  • Very Light Design And Excellent Quality.
  • Adjustable Length
  • Suitable For People Of All Ages Use.
  • Foam Handle For Comfortable And Firmly Grip.
👍Very comfortable handles👎The rope doesn’t rotate properly and gets tangled mid-spin
👍good grip
👍Appropriately priced
👍firm and the ball bearing mechanism

Skipping Rope Under 100:-

1. CF Sports Skipping Rope:-

CF Sports Skipping Rope with Bearing for Men Women Kids Girls Length for Gym and Weight Loss with Foam Hand Gripper in Professional Jump Rope 9Ft

  • High comfort level – pleasant grip
  • appropriate for men and women, for adults, and kids, etc.
  • fit for any workout, including boxing, Crossfit, and low-impact exercise programs.
  • Exercise in comfort
👍Appropriately priced👎quality is not so good
👍good grip

2. Shivgan Skipping Rope:-

Shivgan Jump Rope for Men and Women Blue

  • Fit for Men, Women, Weight Loss, Kids, Girls, Children Best in Fitness, Sports, Exercise, Workout Gym Lover.
  • Ultra-smooth and ultra-light Quality
  • Non-Adjustable Skipping Rope: High-quality skipping rope made from cable for long durability.
  • Designed for athletes of all levels
👍Appropriately priced👎quality is not so good
👍good grip
👍the wire creates a good pressure

3. SG Skipping Rope:-

SG Wooden Handle Freestyle Skipping Rope #Black

  • Adjustable Length
  • Tangle Resistant: Regardless of your skill level
  • Ergonomical & Comfortable Design: Made to properly fit in your hands
👍Appropriately priced👎quality is not so good
👍good grip
👍the wire creates a good pressure

4. Livo Jump Skipping Rope:-

Skipping-Rope Jump Rope Bearing and Without Barring Option | Multi-Color (no Color Choice) Weight Loss Best in Fitness, Sports, Exercise, Workout

  • Both option Available – Barring or without Barring
  • Quality: Premium quality, durable jump rope, exclusively designed for fitness and sports lovers
  • Universal Sport: The jump ropes are appropriate for men and women, for adults and kids, etc.
  • for almost any workout, including boxing, Crossfit, and low-impact exercise programs.
👍Appropriately priced👎quality is not so good
👍good grip
👍the wire creates a good pressure

Skipping Rope Price Under 50:-

1. Compass Pencil Handle Skipping Rope:-

Compass Pencil Handle Jump Rope Pack of 1 Piece

  • Men & Women Ideal For Home Use
  • Hight Quality Eco Friendly
  • Use For All Type Of Fitness Exercise – great for building stamina, losing weight, and toning your arms and legs
👍low price👎quality is not so good
👍good grip👎not up to the mark
👍the wire creates a good pressure

2. Street Brand Pencil Jump Rope:-

Street Brand Pencil Jump Rope for Men and Women -Jump Rope for Gym Workout, Crossfit, Fitness Exercise, WOD, Boxing, MMA and Endurance Training

👍low price👎quality is not so good
👍good grip👎not up to the mark
👍the wire creates a good pressure

Bottom Line

Thanks for taking the time to read through our complete beginner to advance guide to jump rope health & fitness benefits, exercises, and best jump rope in India review and suggestions. Our hope is that you got some value from it and that it has inspired you to give skipping rope exercise a try.

Thank You!

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